Q. What is the agenda for Discovery Weekend?
A. Check out the agenda here.

Q.  Where is Discovery Weekend being held?
A.  Discovery Weekend will be held at the beautiful Miramar Farms in Half Moon Bay, CA. Set amidst a small family farm, Miramar Farms is a leadership development and executive education center.  Its setting on the coast and its unique indoor/outdoor environment inspires guests to think deeply as they walk the property catching sight of the Mavericks and the newly formed apple tree buds.

Q. What is the financial commitment to become a member/join the Collective?
A. Lifelong membership in the Collective is $10,000 – processed as a donation to UC Regents – Haas School of Business; $9,000 of which is tax-deductible. This funding maintains our ability to operate the Collective. Weekend hotel and meals are covered with your membership.

Q. Are there annual membership fee requirements? If so, how much?
A. There are no annual “renewal” fees. Your $10,000 membership “fee” guarantees your membership on an ongoing basis. For some events, a fee may be involved to cover supplemental expenses (meals, facility rentals, etc.), but your place at the table is available at no charge.

Q.  What is the size of the cohort?
A.  We anticipate a size of 10 – 15.

Q. Is there a profile of an ideal Collective member?
A. The Social Impact Collective is designed to answer fundamental questions about where people want to have social impact at the intersection of personal core values and evidence about how to best solve the problems they care the most about. Collective members:

  • Reflect a broad array of experiences. Some members are beginning to explore their social impact activities in a serious way and others are seasoned philanthropists and impact investors who welcome an opportunity to step back from activity to refresh.
  • Have a wide range in terms of net worth. We don’t have any requirements – but do expect members to have the means to give or invest in a meaningful way.
  • Seek community as much as they seek insight. Our members join because they look forward to having a small, confidential group they can stay in touch with throughout their social impact journey.
  • Are attracted to the Collective’s position in a larger eco-system of partners – that provide additional services – like in-depth philanthropic advising, giving circles and donor advised funds.
  • Are open to hybrid learning experiences, and values the opportunity to leverage our online course and materials to deepen learning and connection to members when not in person.

Couples and family members encouraged to attend together.