Thursday, March 7th

4pm+: Check in is available Oceano Hotel, Half Moon Bay (El Granada); hotel parking is free and plentiful – cars will not be needed for the weekend.

6:30pm: Gather in the Oceano Hotel lobby to shuttle to dinner.

7pm: Welcome Dinner at Moss Beach Distillery, 140 Beach Way, Moss Beach

10pm: Shuttle back to the hotel. Conversations continue informally.

Friday, March 8th

Miramar Farms

Miramar Farms

8:15am: Gather in the Oceano Hotel lobby to board shuttle.

8:20am: Shuttle leaves Oceano Hotel for Miramar Farms, Half Moon Bay. Parking is limited at the Farm and is therefore reserved for Collective faculty and staff.

8:30am: Breakfast& settling in at Miramar Farms

9am: Introduction to Miramar Farms — Jayne Battery, Co-Founder, Miramar Farms

10am: Orientation, Overview and Recap of Community Guidelines — Ben Mangan, Berkeley-Haas

  • Collective vision and objectives
  • Community norms
  • Agenda for the weekend
  • Binder contents
  • Family Impact Canvas
  • Online course – with a demo
  • Calendar of events

10:45am: Break

11am: Core Values and Areas of Impact — Ben Mangan, Berkeley-Haas

This session will include an interactive lecture and discussion on developing self-awareness and identifying core values, using exercises and group reflection.

  • Members will go through exercises designed to help crystallize core values and potential areas of focus.
  • Members will pair up and discuss their initial findings.
  • Group will reassemble before lunch and members share what they have discovered.

12:20pm: Break

12:30pm: Lunch & Impact Investing 101 — Justina Lai, Wetherby

This session will provide an overview of the growing impact investing field – from ESG investing, to green bonds, to investing for return in social impact ventures. The session will also provide some examples of successful impact investments and some failures as well.

2:30pm: Break

2:45pm: Getting Started or Re-Started — Kathy Kwan, Kwan-Eustace Foundation

This session will involve lecture, discussion, and an exercise to begin or to re-start giving – with a focus on challenges that emerge and how to manage them.  This session includes an exercise that brings this to life.

4:15pm: Individual work with coaching available.

Members will be free to roam the contemplative spaces of the farm to consider the content of a busy day. Members will be encouraged to complete worksheets that prompt summary thinking about the material covered throughout the day, and surface questions related to sessions on Day Two. Collective staff and faculty will be available for one on one coaching for members.

5:30pm: Close

Members share reflections on breakthroughs and bottlenecks to close out day 1 of Discovery Weekend.

5:45pm: Shuttle back to the hotel.

6:45pm: Gather in the Oceano Hotel lobby. Transfer to the restaurant.

7:00pm: Cocktails and Hors D’oeuvres at Pasta Moon, Half Moon Bay

7:30pm: Group Dinner and Discussion on the Role of Business, Government and Public Policy in Driving Scalable Social Impact

Dinner Guest: Laura Tyson, Distinguished Professor at UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business

10pm: Conversations continue informally into the evening.

Miramar Farms

Miramar Farms

Saturday, March 9th

6:45am: Optional Ocean Walk

Meet in Oceano Hotel lobby at 6:45am.

8am: Hotel check-out. Bring luggage to lobby for storage.

8:15am: Shuttle departs Oceano Hotel for Miramar Farms.

8:30am: Brunch & Informal Conversation.

9am: What’s Coming into View?

Members will have an opportunity to distill learnings and reflections from the day into an initial vision of how they’d like to shape positive change in the world. Members will journal individually in response to prompts, and then pair and share with a partner. Wandering and walking the farm is encouraged.

10am: How to Measure Your Impact and Keep Learning — Colin Boyle, UCSF Global Public Health Executive  and Faculty at Berkeley-Haas

This session will involve lecture and discussion on how to best measure social impact and how to continue learning in a meaningful way that guides future action and choices. The session will delve into some of our biggest challenges in knowing how and why efforts do or do not move the needle on making change.

11:30am: Break

11:40am: Assessing Organizations for Support — Ben Mangan, Berkeley-Haas

Whether you write a check for $5,000 or $5 million, you’ll want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the effectiveness, efficiency, culture and management of an organization you may support. This session will provide a set of tools that will help in assessing organizations.

12:40pm: Working Lunch

Panel — Navigating Family Challenges and Shaping Legacy

Moderated by: Berit Ashla, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

Panelists:       Carrie Avery, Chair of the Avery Foundation.

Jayne Battey, Founder, Miramar Farms.

Victoria Rogers, Board Member: Creative Time and Brooklyn Museum.

This session explores some of the challenges families face in making decisions on philanthropy and social impact, and in building values in generations to come. Panelists will speak frankly about challenges their families, or the families they have advised have faced, and how they navigated these challenges.

2:30pm: Final round of individual work.

Members will journal in response to question prompts, and may opt to work with a partner in formulating responses.

3pm: Wrap up and Closing.

3:30pm: Shuttle back to the Oceano Hotel.